We have an excellent sports facility which Is designed to meet the physical requirement of every child in our establishment. We believe in the importance of sports in the development of the girl child and we encourage our pupils to find their specialty and continue in that sport activity to any level even towards making it a professional career.

We have a fantastic playing field and an indoor Olympic sized swimming pool alongside two other smaller pools for younger children. Our vision is not just to promote the intellectual capacity of our girls, but to also make sure they discover the joy of physical activity with their fellow pupils. We are always ready to give you a tour of our facilities for your inspection.


Our girls are in love with the arts - particularly drama! Drama has always been an integral part of our curriculum for both junior and senior girls with many of them taking it in their sixth form examinations. We also provide the option of Oral and Dramatic lessons which our girls can take and the final graded examinations of LAMDA for those who intend a professional career in the arts.

We have many dramatic tours to allow our pupils infuse in themselves the knowledge and historical context of drama and its origins. Our Drama productions are usually staged towards the middle and end of the year. They come in different varieties from Shakespearean theatrical to simple drama sequences and there are smaller acts which we undertake for our junior girls so they can acclimatize themselves with the art. We have engaged in productions such as "Othello" and "Macbeth" which brought down the house in many occasions.


Our music department is well represented and we see it as a point of duty to give our girls the best musical lessons from a very young age. It is a compulsory requirement for girls in our school to play a music instrument, whether it is the violin, or the piano or any other musical instrument they have the talent to play.

Our music professors are excellent in their technique and have a vast amount of experience between them. We offer recitals in class and also individual lessons for precocious talent. Our objective is to create a friendly environment where girls can be free to exhibit their musical talents and be nurtured by the best professionals.