You are free to come for our open evenings and explore our school. We have the best facilities available and we are going to make mention of a few for you to understand the standard of care your child is receiving in our hands. We hope that by the time you are through, you would have found one more reason why you need to send your child to our school.


Our multi-purpose library has a tremendous collection of fiction, nonfiction, journals, and textbooks including newspapers. The library also has lots of electronic resources like laptops and tablets so our girls can get access to millions of online materials not excluding access to the JSTOR library.

Our library staff are experts in their field and professionally qualified to ensure our girls get the optimum benefits from the library. They do this by working integrally with the academic departments to make sure that all the academic resource they may need are current and highly relevant to their academic interests. As members of many prestigious library associations, we are quite capable of accessing the best resources needed for academic papers and research.

Our library is open almost 24 hours a day, and we have staff who are constantly at hand to guide our pupils and guests through their activities.

Boarding facilities

We have a state of the art boarding faculty for our girls who lodge in school. With loads of amenities too numerous to mention. You can be assured that your girls will remain comfortable while they stay with us for the duration of their term.

Our hostels are divided into four houses and the houses are named after women who won the Nobel Prize – a commemoration of feminine excellence. By doing this, we try to inspire our girls to work hard and soar so they can be able to match the achievements made by the women in whose houses they have made their home. Via this approach, we aim to ensure they learn the spirit of cooperation and team work and the ability to trust and depend on each other.

Pastoral care

We aim to make sure your daughter remains a happy child. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your child. This includes the safety from abuse and protection from all types of harm. We believe this is the responsibility of all and that is why all our staffs are given adequate training in that regard.