We understand how hard it is to choose what school your child attends. We know the wellbeing of your child is your priority and that many schools are not what they seem. A good education is fundamental to your child becoming a successful adult capable of making a meaningful difference in society tomorrow. And this is the reason why you should consider a private school. These are the top reasons why you should place your child in a private school for a more qualitative education.

  1. Your Child gets a Very Specialized education

This is very fundamental especially if your child has special needs. It is difficult to arrange for an IEP for your kid in a public school but not so with private institutions.

Publics schools do try their best to provide such programs for their students but the fact of the matter remains that these schools more often than not, are not well funded. They are susceptible to budget cuts especially when there is non-performance in an economy. For sure, this is where private schools excel.

They do not get funding from the government and this enables them to pursue certain programmes to its fullest capacity not minding whether or not there is a dearth in government resources. For example, the recent Brexit conundrum is more likely to affect public schools than private schools. So when your child has special requirements it is best for you to think in the line of private schools so she can be given a quality education by extremely credentialed, and highly qualified instructors as well as paraprofessionals for a better quality of life. There are more than enough schools that look after children with special needs and with small (close-knit) classes, you can be sure special attention is being paid to your child.

  1. You prefer your child to take advanced courses which are not readily available in a public school.

Very disciplined academic curriculums such as the Advanced Placement programs are very hard to get in your local run-of-the-mill public school. AP programs are best taught by private teachers who have the experience and skill required to nurture children through such a rigorous curriculum.

You want your charge to have an education that is structured according to your religious beliefs

These days we cannot be too sure of the type of education our children are getting. You could be told one thing while your child is being taught something different. There are many religious practices out there and your child may be exposed to practices which may not be in conformity with your religious beliefs. This is why you need to send your child to a private school. You can take your time to scout for a private school that is in line with your religious practices.

This is not so for public schools which do not lay a strong emphasis on religion as a prerequisite for a good education. If your religion beliefs are not important to you, or you have no religious beliefs, then this point may not matter for you. But if you are a parent who is concerned about the practices of your faith, then this might be another reason why you must consider your child for a private school education.


There are many reasons why you should consider your child for a private education but these are the most salient reasons. One other thing, ensure you apply early when trying to enroll your child in a private school because competition for places may be very high.