We were founded a very long time ago by pioneer educators who believed in the girl child long before training female children became the norm. Our mission is to provide top class schooling for the female child in order to turn her into an excellent woman capable of holding her own in society.

Over the years our curriculum has remained the same but our ethics has not which means that a state of the art standard quality education for our female changes is a priority we cannot compromise on. We believe in the policy of a female only education for the girl child in order to bring her up in the best possible way.

Our excellent personnel are high level professionals who intricately understand the way a female child learns. Therefore our teachers wholly grasp the challenge involved in grooming girls who would become leading women in today's modern environment.

We have specially designed academic programmes that are specifically tailored to provide our charges with the tools they require in order to thrive in public society. All the fundamentals of our curriculum reflect our core principles which are Excellence, Propriety, Hard work, Confidence, and Leadership.

We have come a long way in training young girls to become world leaders and we do not intend to relent in our commitment. Our attitude is to provide the right solutions for our charges so they can continue to aspire in their bid to change their society, and the world through the tenets we have instilled in them.

We make sure their needs are fully met and we innovate ways to make their learning more effective. We know a happy child learns well and we provide the right environment for your child to get that confidence which would make her the woman that makes the difference in tomorrow's world.