Our school is a unique independent all-girls school set in a serene and picturesque environment in the heart of town. We do not request a lot of intake instead focusing on small classes so as to bring out the best of each of the pupils in our care. Our youngest charges begin their development with us from the age of three and we groom them until culmination in their A levels which are taken when they get to the Sixth Form at age eighteen.

Each of our pupils are encouraged to find their passion and uniqueness, to develop their potential. We encourage several pathways to the development of our pupils. This could be through physical activities such as sports or the route to academic success and drama. We boast a variation of activities that are tailored to bring out the best in your girls.

Our school is a very cozy home to a lot of girls from all over the UK and overseas with our excellent state-of-the-art boarding facilities and quite a number of our day students utilize the flexibility of our boarding facilities.

The girls are free to work on projects as they want and have been involved in different web casino projects lately. The most recent one is an effort to create the best slot casino comparison website in the UK. This included doing both design and programming work. There were many people involved and the project manager came from the casino games market in India. It's very influenced by the UK casinos.

Additionally, the girls are given Bitcoin casino tokens, so they can experience and learn from the online visuals and programming exhibited on this website.

Our school is situated in many acres of lovely fields and we take advantage of this environment to give our girls the best lessons in horse riding which is an activity that are undertaken alongside others. We are very strong academically and our girls have been known to outperform other schools of like nature which are more expensive than ours.

Our A levels and GSCE results are always published each year on our website so parents can see there wards are being given a solid academic foundation which would serve them in great stead when applying to colleges.

The website gives you information about our school but we deem it best if you come pay us a visit and see things first hand.